About Us

''We try to make the world healthy and fit''


ORIENT COMBAT ARTS is committed to providing the most Easy, Effective & Realistic Fitness & Self-Defense Training program available today. Like the Mixed Martial Artist of today, we believe that one should be competent in all ranges of fighting, including Stand up and Ground Fighting.

While Fitness and Self-Defense is our main Focus, our Students regularly participate in District, State & National Championship. Our school has earned a reputation for high quality and safe instruction and for developing quality, competitive fighters. Students who have chosen to compete have won numerous District, State, National Title and Medals, giving testament to the quality of our diverse training.

We organize Camps, Work Shops, Seminars, Tournaments on regular basis. Our Students also participate in District, State, National & International Training Camps & Tournaments.Orient Combat Arts is providing Martial Art Classes in Pune since last 16 years.

At OCA we teach an art of using the Body & Mind for the purposes of Self Defense and Fitness. All of our Martial Art programs focus on improving the Body and the Mind. We offer Martial Art classes for all ages – you are never too old or too out of shape to start.

Benefits of Martial Art

  • Taekwondo , Silat , KickBoxing
  • At OCA we provide a safe, structured environment for children's martial arts training. Our programs instill discipline, respect, leadership abilities and focus, while teaching realistic Self Defense. Classes are taught by certified instructors in a safe training environment.

  • Hapkido Silat , Eskrima , Silambam
  • Muay Thai KickBoxing
  • The Adult Martial Arts Program specializes in real-world Self Defense strategies and tactics - including close-quarter combat, Striking, Grappling, Ground fighting, and Weapons defense - all with a Traditional Martial Art with Modern foundation.